Book Review: Caravan Survival Guide by John Basham


A dream that many Australians have is to do a big road trip around Australia. One of our guest writers, Amy at Livin’ on the Road, is currently driving around Australia with her family. At the same time that Amy continues her journey on the road, many other Aussies will be planning or just starting their big road trip.

One of our regular readers at Perth Walkabout chats from time to time about his lifetime goal to do a road trip in the near future. It’s a unique experience that people embark on – families with young kids, retirees who have hit the grey nomad trail – anyone with a sense of adventure in their heart, and the urge to explore the outback and the more remote parts of our big sunburnt country.

So on to resources that will help with planning your road trip of a lifetime.

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Book Review: Australian Fishing Guide by Steve Cooper


Almost everybody has tried their hand at fishing one time or another, and many people find themselves hooked(!) on the hobby. In a recent guest post, we heard from fishing enthusiast Marian Aunes from Marinews on her favourite fishing destinations in Perth.

If you have aspirations to become a serious angler, then Explorer Australia’s Australian Fishing Guide by Steve Cooper is a great reference book.

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Using Credit Card Rewards & Benefits For Your Vacation in Perth, Australia - Part 2


This is the second installment of a two part series about credit cards in relation to your Perth vacation. In this post, Michael will be talking about the best strategies for using your credit card rewards and benefits.

In the last installment I discussed the basics about card acceptance in Perth and the possible fees which may arise (helpful to know for anyone visiting from another country). Now, let’s talk about how you can get the most from your travel rewards and benefits.

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Book Review: Great Australian Pubs by Lee Mylne


If you’re a history and cultural buff who is planning a trip to Australia, you’ll probably be itching to add a good Australian book or two to your collection to whet your appetite. There are many to choose from, but which ones are worth carrying around in your luggage?

Well, assuming you are an independent traveller, you’ve probably got your trusty dog-eared Lonely Planet (aka travel Bible) or favourite equivalent on hand. Guidebooks can provide a good overview on a city, though depending on your specific interests, you may be looking for more than just a general guide to a place. This brings me to a guide book that you’ll want to consider for your travelling book collection.

“Great Australian Pubs” by Lee Mylne is an informative and highly entertaining Guide book on the Top 100 Pubs in Australia. Lee takes us on a whirlwind tour of the best pubs to stop for a drink, meal or bed for the night.

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Planning your Perth Vacation – Using Credit Cards in Australia


This is the first installment of a two part series about credit cards in relation to your Perth vacation. In this post, Michael will be addressing some basic questions about using your credit card in Australia as well as offering some tips to save you money while using them.

Before visiting another country, one of the most important things you need to know about is how you will pay for things once you get there. If you’re coming from the US (where I live) you will find the following information extremely useful before you embark on your trip to Perth, or anywhere else in Australia for that matter.

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