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The Perth Walkabout Monthly Wrap is published at the start of each month to provide a snapshot of articles that hit the headlines in the last 4 weeks.

Here is Perth Walkabout's Monthly Wrap for the month of April:

Do You Wwoof? - Wwoofing in Australia

When I told my friend I was taking a gap year in Australia, her first question was, “Are you going to be WWOOFing?” To most people that question would make no sense, but I had been doing research on possible gap year experiences for almost a year and I knew exactly what she was talking about. I told her I didn’t plan to, but it looked like a cool concept. I ended up inadvertently doing a similar program while living in Perth and it was a wonderful experience.

West Coast Blues n Roots Festival Part 2 - Blues on a Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Last weekend (April 4th) my brother and I headed off to the West Coast Blues n Roots Festival!
Both of us had work on Sunday morning, but after a quick clothing change (raybans…check, doc martins…check, cool festival hat…check) we jumped on the 106 and headed down Canning Highway to Fremantle.

Places to Visit in Perth - the City of Light

I live in the UK and came up with a few recommendations after visiting Perth, Australia, down under as we call it here!

Right on the Western coast of Australia is Perth, a beautiful and vibrant city attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. And it's no surprise, since the city is blessed with sunshine most of the year and is famous for its unspoiled beaches, parklands and gardens.

Using Credit Card Rewards & Benefits For Your Vacation in Perth, Australia - Part 2

This is the second installment of a two part series about credit cards in relation to your Perth vacation. In this post, Michael will be talking about the best strategies for using your credit card rewards and benefits.

Best Fishing Destinations in Perth, WA

So finally you have taken the call- chosen Perth to be your next fishing destination. Good decision.  But let me tell you at the very onset that if indeed you are coming down here, the warmer months from April to March is good fishing time, not that Perth will disappoint you any other time of the year. The weather is just perfect for early morning and twilight outing.

12 Things to Do in Perth for Adrenaline Junkies

Perth figures among the top destinations for adventure sports in Australia, with 100,000 daily visitors. Entertainment is business in Perth, considering that the City of Perth is a major free entertainment provider for its 1.6 million metropolitan residents. What do you do in Perth to get your adrenaline going? Check out 12 great activities in Perth.

Cottesloe Beach - A Perfect Spot for a Picnic in Perth

I love picnics. I love them more than peanut butter.  I love them because you bring one delicious edible item and get to try more delicious edible items in the company of friends, usually outside in the sun, in a spot with a great view. So, I would like to tell you all my fail-safe-foolproof:  10 easy steps to hosting a picnic in perth.

Short Courses in Perth to Feed Your Mind

Perth is a great city for an education; some even refer to it as the “Education City” in Australia. With five well regarded universities to choose from partnered with the fabulous weather and natural environment, it’s no wonder people choose to study in Perth. But what if you want to further your education and just want do a short course, but university is just not for you? Don’t worry. There are lots of opportunities to study in Perth and do a short course without having to attend one of the universities in Perth.  

Stay tuned to Perth Walkabout to explore our beautiful city of Perth.

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