Perth Walkabout November Monthly Wrap

The Perth Walkabout Monthly Wrap is published at the start of each month to provide a snapshot of articles that hit the headlines in the last 4 weeks.

Here is Perth Walkabout's Monthly Wrap for the month of November:

Exmouth – The Northern Gateway to Ningaloo Reef

Exmouth is considered one of Western Australia’s top tourist destinations as it is home to the famous Ningaloo Reef, has magnificent marine wildlife, raw landscape and is warm for most of the year.

Ningaloo Reef stretches approximately 260 km from Coral Bay in the south to Exmouth in the north and takes in 5,000 square km of ocean amass with tropical fish, whales, turtles and coral.

The reef is so popular because you can snorkel and dive straight from the beach without having to take a boat ride out to the deep.

An Urban Adventure: Supermarket Shopping in Perth

Supermarkets reflect the culture of a country, and even neighbourhood, which is why it isn’t terribly uncommon in large cities to see travellers wandering up and down every aisle marvelling at what is on offer. In Perth there are a multitude of local and/or open-air markets, but when it comes to supermarkets the main players are Coles, IGA and Woolworths.

People tend to want to know which of the three brands is better. You’ll hear all sorts of positive and negative opinions about each one, but this all depends on the neighbourhood and who you ask.

Wanted! – Guest Writers for Perth Walkabout

Do you enjoy exploring Perth and Western Australia, and would you like to share your interesting stories and favourite tips about the Sandgroper scene with readers?

Perth Walkabout is on the look out for guest writers who are interested to write about Perth and Western Australia for our online travel guide.

7 Things to Do and See in Margaret River

Margaret River is the apple of Western Australia’s eye. Not only is it world-renowned for its top wineries and fine dining restaurants and cafes, but it is also famous for its surf, beaches and breathtaking natural attractions. Therefore, your trip to Western Australia won’t be complete if you don’t stop at Margaret River.

If you’re looking for a reason to tempt you to visit the area, here are seven things which you should see or do at least once in Margaret River.

1.    Mammoth Cave –There are hundreds of caves near Margaret River, but the one that stands out the most is Mammoth Cave.

Popular Perth Playgrounds to Visit with the Kids

We are lucky in Western Australia to have a lot of space around us and a city that is filled with playgrounds for children to run free.

Whether it is holiday time or you just need the kids to get outside for a breath of fresh air, playgrounds are a fun and free way to entertain the family.

It would be safe to say that most suburbs in Perth have a large number of playgrounds to choose from, including the city centre. You may have your favourite and if so, we would love to here all about it.

Favourite Cheap Eats in the Perth City

You’re exploring downtown in the Perth city, discovering the laneways, the historic buildings and the multitude of shopping options, when your stomach begins to rumble. Don’t let your hunger make you grumpy and ruin a good day. There are lots of great dining options in the Perth city to suit everyone’s budgets and tastes.

The cost of eating can vary dramatically depending on where you are in the city and if you go to a restaurant or food hall.

Day Trip to Penguin Island on the Shoalwater Safari

Today, the sun is shining bright in Perth, and it is a perfect day for an outing to Penguin Island via the Shoalwater Safari cruise to see the penguins, dolphins, and other wildlife.   I am looking forward to seeing the penguins, with their cute little webbed feet and shiny bright coats glistening in the water.

My first mission for the day is to reach the Mersey Point Jetty, Shoalwater  near Rockingham at 10:15 am. If I don't make it on time, I may miss catching the boat with Rockingham Wild Encounters, and it will all be tears, and not just for the dolphins and penguins.  :-(

Kalbarri – A Family Favourite on the Coral Coast

Situated on Western Australia’s Coral Coast, the small fishing town of Kalbarri has been a holiday favourite with the locals for many years.

By locals I mean West Australians.

Many of my friends who grew up with me in the south west would head north to Kalbarri every year for the traditional family holiday.

In Australian terms, it is an easy distance from Perth – only 590 km or about six hours of driving.

It remains a favourite today so it must be doing something right!

Jacaranda Festival – Purple Blooms, and a Family Fun Day in Applecross

The Jacaranda Festival is held in Applecross, in November of each year. As you reach the Festival, you will be greeted by the purple coloured blossoms of the Jacaranda trees that line the streets of Applecross. The Festival is held in recognition of the annual flowering of these purple flowers and why not. It’s a great excuse to have a festival!

Stay tuned to Perth Walkabout to explore our beautiful city of Perth.

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