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Dinner by Black Swan State Theatre Company


It has been a while since Black Swan State Theatre Company has produced a black comedy, but Dinner by Moira Buffini more than makes up for that, presenting the theatrical equivalent of a fine 90%+ chocolate – dark, bitter and confronting, with an after taste that lingers.

Dinner parties from hell always make a good setting for theatrical comedies, and Dinner does not disappoint. 

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From the Rubble by Perth Theatre Company


Perth Theatre Company kicks off its exciting line up of performances for the 2015 season with its first – “From the Rubble”.

From the Rubble tells the stories of women in conflict zones world over inspired by stories from award winning Perth writer and journalist Sophie McNeill. 


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Xavier Toby - Every Cloud has a Silver Mining


On a Monday evening, we arrived at the DeLuxe tent in the Fringe World Perth Pleasure Gardens to watch stand up comedian Xavier Toby in his latest show Every Cloud has a Silver Mining.

We stepped into the air conditioned tent (how spoilt is that?) and sat down to watch a steady stream of punters stepping in till the tent could hold no more.

Full house on the opening night – Xavier has obviously built up a fan base in Perth.

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Gordon Southern Comedian at Fringe World Perth


 After a few nights out in a row at the Perth Fringe Festival and with a dose of man flu, I was seriously thinking about sending my partner out solo to watch British comedian Gordon Southern perform his “Your New Favourite Comedian” show.

But after being handed a pack of tissues and being told in no uncertain terms that it was my turn to write a review, I struggled out to Northbridge to find the streets around the Perth Cultural Centre in gridlock, with carparks full and a level of bumper to bumper traffic not often seen on a Friday night in Perth.

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The Naked Magicians at Fringe World Perth


We arrived at Regal Theatre in Subiaco on a Thursday evening to watch The Naked Magicians as part of Fringe World Perth and were greeted by a packed house.

One thing that struck me about the audience was the high number of young women who were in attendance and although they weren't quite screaming, they were definitely very excited about the upcoming show starring the duo of Christopher Wayne and Mike Tyler.


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La Soiree makes a Splash at Fringe World Perth


Sitting underneath the Palais des Glaces Spiegeltent at The Pleasure Gardens, I looked up at the stained glass windows of this beautiful structure from yester year.

The tent billowed gently in the breeze of the air conditioning – keeping us cool on another warm Perth night.

Punters gathered at ringside chatting and drinking merrily, as we waited for the magic of La Soirée to unfold at Perth Fringe World.

And unfold it did.


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Venus in Fur by Black Swan State Theatre Company


A quick scan of the synopsis for Venus in Fur will give you the gist of what is going to happen in David Ives' recent play being staged by Black Swan State Theatre Company (the advertising poster might also give you an idea or two!)

But as with many things in life, it is the journey, rather than the final destination, that is most important.

Thanks to the efforts of the cast and crew, the Venus in Fur trip is well worth taking.


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