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Beck's Music Box - A Festival under the Stars


As summer approaches and the sun sets, Beck’s Music Box lights up with a bevy and some of the best Australian and international acts. Every year at this time, Beck’s Music Box comes alive with artists for all,  hard rock lovers, to blitzing dance floor acts, and even some new age electronica. Or even some acoustic sounds of soul for a more intimate feeling. Whatever the act, Beck’s is sure to have it served on a platter for you to taste.

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Shows Fit for a King at His Majesty's Theatre


Institutions named after royalty are still found all over Perth, constant reminders of our colonial past, and our beloved and historical His Majesty's Theatre is no exception. However, in typical Australian abbreviated style, we tend to call it "The Maj" if we're headed off there for a night of entertainment. It's located in the centre of Perth on Hay Street, close to major hotels and shops, as well as numerous restaurants, bars and cafes.

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Guide to Perth Live Theatres for a Taste of Culture Part One


People often unfairly label Perth as being a bit short on culture.

“There’s more culture to be found in a tub of yoghurt” was perhaps one of the harshest comments I have heard over the years.

But how can this be true when there are enough live theatres and art galleries in Perth to visit one a week for the entire year and still not see them all?

Here at Perth Walkabout, we aim to change the unjust perception of Perth that exists and help people find their way to as many cultural hot spots as possible.

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Feed Your Soul At A Perth Bookshop


As the international debate on book versus e-book continues to rage on, Perth’s bookshops offer a quiet place to ride out the storm for the diehards amongst us that cannot imagine a life minus the turn of a page.

Okay, I understand the benefits for the planet and my hip pocket that the e-book offers, but call me old-fashioned; I just can’t resist a good bookshop.

Perhaps it is the smell, or the “sequestered nooks” that American poet Longfellow wrote about, but a trip to a bookshop is still considered one of life’s great pleasures for this gal.

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Guide to Perth Art Galleries for the Arty Farty Part One


Lovers of art living in or travelling to Perth have enough galleries to visit to keep them busy every weekend throughout the year.

Okay, so maybe not every weekend as you do need to get outside occasionally to soak up the Perth weather and get some fresh air, but perhaps every other weekend is not an exaggeration.  Either way you look at it, the list is long and is by no means exhausted.

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Urban Art Adds Colour to Perth Streets

perth-graffiti-mural murdoch station-150

The word “graffiti” is often associated with vandalism. However, when it’s not being used to describe the tags and scribbles on buses, buildings, walls and toilet cubicles, graffiti is also a form of artistic expression. Like all art, it is subjective and some would disagree about its artistic value, but it is slowly gathering mainstream acceptance.

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Get up Close and Personal with Dangerous Animals at the Museum of Natural History


Want to get up close and personal with killer sharks, crocodiles, snakes and large mammals without the fear of being bitten?

Like to think of yourself as a nature lover but don’t really want to head outdoors in the searing summer heat?

Need to hire a mountain lion, camel or reindeer for the next Christmas party?

Seen the movie A Night at the Museum and loved it?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above then one of Perth’s best-kept secrets is well worth a visit.

Located in Guildford, about 12 km from the centre of Perth, is The Museum of Natural History and Academy of Taxidermy.

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