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The Perth Walkabout Monthly Wrap is published at the start of each month to provide a snapshot of articles that hit the headlines in the last 4 weeks.

Here is Perth Walkabout's Monthly Wrap for the month of July:


Handy Tips for Perth Backpackers

I backpacked around Perth for ten months last year; it quickly became one of my favourite cities in the world. If you're going out on a working holiday VISA, it's a place that's friendly and easy to find work, with a wide range of backpackers accommodation, great night life, beautiful surroundings and plenty to do.


Geraldton Guarantees to Blow Your Socks Off

Visit Geraldton and you will be blown away; literally.
Considered Australia’s kite and windsurfing capital, the city is the gateway to Western Australia's mid west and is often the first major port of call for travellers heading north of the capital.
Located just over 400 km from Perth, Geraldton is also the starting point for those wishing to explore the beautiful Abrolhos Islands which lay 60 km off the coast.


Whip up a Storm at Fremantle Markets Electrolux Cooking School

The Fremantle Markets are well known for innovation and diversity, so it's no surprise that they are the home to a place where you can go to not only try new taste experiences, but learn how to whip them up yourself - Electrolux at Fremantle Markets Cooking School.


Book Review: A Youth Not Wasted by Ian Parkes

Ian Parkes - author of “A Youth Not Wasted” was born in Perth, and in his first book, he tells an interesting story of his life working on sheep farms in the 1950’s. As a young lad during this era he has many a fascinating tale to tell of what life was like working in the Australian outback in the middle of the twentieth century.

Seeking Sun Salutes or The Hundred: Yoga and Pilates in Perth

Over the last decade, yoga and Pilates have becoming increasingly popular as a form of exercise and personal enrichment. Here in Perth, there are numerous studios offering a wide range of styles that run the gamete from traditional to more modern or fusion.


Perth Backpackers Part 2: Living on a Shoestring in Perth

With Perth being the most expensive city in Australia, I thought I would share a few backpacker tips of how I survived on a shoestring last winter when my travel funds ran disastrously low.
Although it's an easy city to find work in, in the winter the hours are often cut in hospitality and construction jobs, which can mean a weeks’ worth of bad weather can leave you skint and with just enough cash for your rent.


Moving the Green Room to the Bowling Green – Theatresports in Perth

The people behind Just Improvise, the specialist theatre improvisation company that have been entertaining and amazing audiences since 2000, are masters of making something out of nothing on the spot, as followers of their popular monthly Theatresports improvisation competition already know.

But from August 5, MC Glenn Hall and the Just Improvise gang take the art of theatre improv one step further, improvising a Green Room from the bowling greens at the Mount Lawley Bowling Club, located on the corner of Storthes and Rookwood Streets, Mount Lawley.

Things to Do in Perth If you Only had one Day

If you can only spare one day to explore the beautiful city of Perth, then I hope you have some good walking shoes. With one day you can sample a bit of Perth’s metropolitan culture, history and natural beauty while enjoying the stunning weather that typically ranges from nice to amazing. Start your day off with a delicious breakfast at a neighbourhood cafe or at one of the many cafes along Murray or Hay Street Mall.

Stay tuned to Perth Walkabout to explore our beautiful city of Perth.

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