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SOTA Festival Celebrates WA Artists


It's time to get in the groove!

The State of the Art (SOTA) music festival will be on from noon to 10pm on Saturday, 30 May on the WA Day long weekend.

What better way to celebrate our great state than by dedicating an entire music festival to Western Australian artists?

Headlining the fourth annual SOTA festival is Perth born alternative rock band Birds of Tokyo on Saturday 30th May as part of the huge WA Day long weekend celebrations at the Perth Cultural Centre.

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Wonderfully Wicked Hits Perth!


Wicked – The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz - has been holding audiences spellbound since 2003, and the latest production to hit Perth is no exception, with an on form cast and crew having a triumphant opening night on Thursday 7 May, receiving a well deserved standing ovation from the enthusiastic audience.

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Ex Machina at Luna


Ex Machina - a movie about Artificial Intelligence (AI) will hit the screens at Luna Leederville in Perth this Thursday 7 May.

Through the ages there have been many different stories based on the brilliant but short sighted genius who risks the future of mankind in the persuit of knowledge. Ex Machina is the latest spin on this familiar tale, but instead of forbidden occult secrets, biogenic weapons or alien life being the agent of humanity's destruction, this time it is robots with artificial intelligence.


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While We're Young at Luna


Director Noah Baumach’s latest movie “While We’re Young” has hit the screens at Luna Palace in Perth and follows the lives of Josh and Cornelia, a middle aged couple living in New York.

Josh (Ben Stiller) is a documentary filmmaker stalled on his second project Josh (Ben Stiller) and his wife Cornelia (Naomi Watts) helps produce her legendary father's film documentaries.

Baumach is known for a long line up of movies including relatively recent ones such as Frances Ha, Greenburg and The Squid and the Whale.

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Review of From the Rubble by Perth Theatre Company in association with PICA


Torn, white buildings. A man with a gun. Piles of paper strewn across the floor like debris.
This was the stage that greeted us when we entered the theatre. As the lights dimmed, the humble stage was transformed through cleverly projected video footage; animation; puppetry; and a haunting soundtrack.

From the Rubble was inspired by the work of Walkley Award-winning journalist and Middle East correspondent Sophie McNeill.

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Dinner by Black Swan State Theatre Company


It has been a while since Black Swan State Theatre Company has produced a black comedy, but Dinner by Moira Buffini more than makes up for that, presenting the theatrical equivalent of a fine 90%+ chocolate – dark, bitter and confronting, with an after taste that lingers.

Dinner parties from hell always make a good setting for theatrical comedies, and Dinner does not disappoint. 

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From the Rubble by Perth Theatre Company


Perth Theatre Company kicks off its exciting line up of performances for the 2015 season with its first – “From the Rubble”.

From the Rubble tells the stories of women in conflict zones world over inspired by stories from award winning Perth writer and journalist Sophie McNeill. 


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