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An at Luna Leederville


Feeling hungry for a dorayaki?!

“An” - the movie by Naomi Kawase is showing at Luna Leederville, and the story revolves around a baker selling dorayaki – a Japanese pancake filled with a sweet red bean paste “an”.

Life for Sentaro the baker is so-so and as he goes about his daily life, he appears sad and lonely to his customers with little to laugh about.

The story takes an interesting turn when an elderly lady by the name of Tokue applies to help him out in his bakery.

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Picnic at Hanging Rock by Black Swan State Theatre Company


What really happened that afternoon?

We’ll probably never know…….

Black Swan State Theatre Company’s presents its 2nd feature of 2016, this time the iconic “Picnic at Hanging Rock”, adapted by Tom Wright and based on Joan Lindsay’s classic 1967 novel.

Don't expect a simple stage version of Peter Weir's 1975 film masterpiece though.


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Paco Erhard at the Fringe Festival Perth



My partner and I tend to park out of the city and walk in to Fringe World to avoid the traffic, so when we arrived early to Paco Erhard's show at the Comedy Shack, we decided to rest our legs by sitting down on the ledge to the left of the main entrance.

We amused ourselves by watching the various fitness fanatics arrive and leave from the gym upstairs in the venue (more on this later), and idly watching passers by walking down Parker Street in Northbridge.

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The Dinner Party with Xavier Toby at Fringe World Perth



It was a cracker of a hot night as we waited in anticipation to watch The Dinner Party with Xavier Toby on his opening night at Fringe World Perth.

Xavier’s brand of comedy is fast and furious and as we got into the proceedings for the evening, it didn’t take very long before the people in the audience started to get involved with proceedings, to the amusement of all present.

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Gordon Southern - Long Story Short at Fringe World Perth


On a hot summer's evening my partner and I were waiting in line to enter Teatro 1 and catch up with one of our favorite Fringe World acts of 2015, Gordon Southern.

Last year was our first look at the veteran UK performer in action, and we were looking for a repeat performance in 2016.

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The Vaude-Villainous Mr Gorski at Fringe World Perth


Are you looking for a funny man to tickle your family's funny bone at Fringe World Perth this year?

Then look no further and make a date to watch The Vaude-Villainous Mr Gorski at the Black Flamingo tent in the Pleasure Gardens location at James St, Northbridge.

Part cabaret act, part circus, part juggler, part slap stick comedian…….and full time evil villain, Mr Daniel Gorski is a man of many talents and a classic Vaudeville entertainer.

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