Perth Walkabout August Monthly Wrap


The Perth Walkabout Monthly Wrap is published at the start of each month to provide a snapshot of articles that hit the headlines in the last 4 weeks.

Here is Perth Walkabout's Monthly Wrap for the month of August:

Things to do in Broome for a Perfect Winter Getaway

To get away from the winter blues, look no further than Broome as your next getaway. It's only taken me so long to visit this breathtaking town. From the minute you touch down at Broome International Airport, you know you've left winter behind. All the airport ground staff are in shorts and summer shirts, and sporting deep tans.

Kicking Back at the Vic Park Hotel

Pubs are something of an icon of Aussie culture but to be honest, I’ve never really considered myself much of a pub person. I guess it’s because I’m not a big drinker (I’ve had one alcoholic beverage in the last two and a half years) which can also make me look and feel a little out of place.

Farewell to Planet Video and Hello to Planet Music in Mt Lawley

Farewell to Planet Video…the iconic video shop located on the corner of Walcott and Beaufort Street in Mt Lawley that was a film fetishist's delight, with a range of mainstream and off-beat films to suit all tastes.
If Mount Lawley is in your neck of the woods and you frequent this happening café strip, you might have noticed that all was not well on the corner of Walcott and Beaufort Street. Alas, we have to report the sad news that Planet Video has officially closed.

Perth Local Theatre Scene Alive and Well at KADS

Have you ever watched a local theatre show in Perth? If you haven’t, you are missing out big time. Perhaps you spotted our recent post about theatre sports in Perth that was recently published on Perth Walkabout.

I am happy to report that local theatre is alive and well in Perth. As a keen theatre goer over the years, my better half and I have visited many a quaint and old historic theatre in Perth.

What to Look for in a Perth Holiday Rental

Whether you are visiting Perth for wonderful Swan River Valley winery tours, bush hiking in the Perth Hills or watching sunsets along the Coast, you can find many excellent holiday rentals all over this corner of Western Australia that are perfectly suited to your holiday plans.


The Call of Black Swan State Theatre Company

Are you looking for some high quality drama in Perth?

Preferably not a family domestic, but a good night out's entertainment in Perth instead.

Black Swan State Theatre Company is one of the premier theatre companies in WA and boasts an impressive line-up of plays for its remaining 2012 season.

It could be drama or comedy or a step back into the past history that awaits you.


What’s Caramel Fudge got to do with Theatresports Shows in Perth?

“What’s Caramel Fudge got to do with Theatresports Shows in Perth?” you may ask. You’ll have to read on to find out!

Last month, we heard from the Just Improvise specialist theatre improvisation company about theatre sports in Perth. Just Improvise are putting on more shows so if you don’t want to miss out, you had better get in quick.


Camping in Perth – A Spectacular Night Under the Stars

There are quite possibly more sublime free experiences than lying back on a cool, clear evening and watching an outback sky transit from glorious sunset to a spectacular theatre of stars, but for the moment what it could be escapes me.

We ventured around six hours north-east of Perth to a station 50kms south of mining town Mt Magnet to find a camping spot.

Getting to the Art of It, Perth Style

Someone once said about Perth: “It is closer to nowhere than anywhere.”

Being one of the most isolated cities in Australia (and possibly the world) does have an upside. Distance has made the locals who they are: resourceful, independent and creative. Necessity does that, it seems.

Perth’s pulsing arts and culture scene reflects this cowboy spirit of innovation.

In recent years, the city has shed off its sleepy backwater vibe to become a fabulous playground for traditional and contemporary artists, musicians, performers, designers, dancers and writers.

Stay tuned to Perth Walkabout to explore our beautiful city of Perth.

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