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10,000 at Subiaco Theatre Festival


In 10,000, we are introduced to Edie and AJ through the characters they are playing in a video game. The game, which AJ bought when he and Edie first got together, acts as a metaphor for their troubled relationship.

10 years on, they are married with a three-year-old daughter, but Edie (Jessica Messenger, who also co-wrote the play with Nick Maclaine) has recently moved out.

A keen gamer, AJ (Tristan McInnes) hopes to repair their marriage by sharing one of his passions with his sceptical wife.

But before long, the lines between reality and the game’s science fiction adventure world become blurred, and Edie and AJ find themselves fighting for their very survival.

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The One


You’ve finally found your perfect love to propose to - or you think you have.

But if they turn down your marriage proposal, what does this bode for the future of the relationship? They say they love you but plainly don’t want to get married - why would that be?

These are some of the central themes that are explored in playwright and director Jeffrey Jay Fowler’s latest play The One as part of the Subiaco theatre Festival.

The One invites the audience to consider the contemporary construct of marriage and the societal norms that are associated with having a perfect wedding day.

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The Sense of an Ending at Luna


The Sense of an Ending is a poignant movie that follows the life of the key character Tony Webster (played by Jim Broadbent).

Based on the novel by English writer Julian Barnes it won the acclaimed Man Booker prize.

As the movie unfolds, a surprising event leads Tony to reflect on his younger days, especially for his first love Veronica Ford (played by Charlotte Rampling).

The story pans between his youth and time spent with his first love and peers at school, to his current life as a middle aged man leading a comfortable existence running his vintage camera shop, and on occasion, seeing his ex-wife Margaret, and daughter who is expecting her first.

As Tony explores his past, he uncovers both happy and painful memories, and reflects on the choices made from his past that have had consequences on his current life.

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The Lighthouse Girl by Black Swan State Theatre Company


As I waited for the Perth premiere of The Lighthouse Girl to begin, I felt like I was on a boat drifting towards an island, with the sound of waves crashing around the intimate theatre, the rocky landscape on the stage in front of me, and even the way my chair shook as the audience walked down the steps to find their seats.

Adapted by Hellie Turner from Dianne Wolfer’s award-winning books, The Lighthouse Girl and The Light Horse Boy, the play is set during the outbreak of World War I. Fay lives an isolated existence on Breaksea Island, south-east of Albany, with her father and old Joe.


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Once In Royal David's City by Black Swan State Theatre Company


 "Everything comes to him who waits" - so goes the popular cliche, and in Michael Gow's Once in Royal David's City the theme of waiting is examined from many different perspectives.

We are introduced to the concept right from the start, with the arrival of the audience to be greeted by a sparsely laid out stage, which more closely resembles the backstage area of a play, where actors wait for the show to begin.

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Strut Dance: One Flat Thing Reproduced


 As we waited in the courtyard of the State Theatre Centre of WA, there was a buzz in the air as dancers limbered up for their performance of One Flat Thing Reproduced.

It marks a one of a kind event where independent dancers from around Australia and New Zealand have arrived in Perth to participate in a finely choreographed performance watched by a roaming open air audience.

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Harmony with Elan Dance


Whether you’re a natural born dancer or a newbie who feels a tad uncoordinated – don’t sweat!

There’s an easy solution in sight whatever your level to brush up on your skills and to have fun by attending a dance class or two this month.

In the spirit of Harmony Week in WA which will run from the 15th to the 21st March, Elan Dance will be celebrating and embracing diversity through the power of dance.

Their 3 day extravaganza workshops will be held across 3 locations in Perth, including at their cbd location at the Kings Street Arts Centre.

Tucked away on the top floor of the King Street Arts Centre away from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind of city life, you’ll find throughout the week, dancers strutting their stuff, and moving to the groove with classes such as hip hop, afro jam, power yoga and dancehall.

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